Q: How often do you update your catalogs and offer new products?
We update our catalogs with new products two times per year.
Q: What type of warranty do the products carry?
Clever Container gives the customer 30 days to try the product out. If the customer decides that they no longer want the product, they may return the product at their expense and receive either a refund or an exchange. Defects in the product due to shipping need to be reported right away and Clever Container will send the customer a new product at the company’s expense. There is no penalty in compensation to the consultant either way. Products that break due to misuse or mishandling are not refundable or exchangeable. Some products carry longer than a 30 day warranty, up to a life-time warranty.
Q: What if I am not super organized? Can I still be a successful consultant?
If you are longing to be a consultant, but lack organizational and/or selling skills… no problem. We have a Ning network that will help address your selling skills as well as a training manual that will walk you through a show outline. As far as learning more about organization yourself, our shows are scripted so if you can read, you can simply make yourself note cards with the information on them until you learn it by heart. (Just like learning the words to a song… when you hear it over and over again, eventually you are going to be able to sing it by heart.) Right now, our shows include a Clutter Cutter Class, a Closet Clean-Out Class, an Office Organization Class, and an Organizing with Kids Class. New classes and ideas are always underway.
Q: How much support and/or training do you offer?
Several levels of support! We have monthly teleseminars that focus on the essential training topics like show outlines, bookings, and sponsoring, but they will also address anything that the consultants request. A training manual will be included in your kit. The manual outlines an entire show presentation and gives you clear directions for holding 4 different types of classes. We offer a New Consultant Orientation program designed to get a new consultant off to strong start step-by-step. We send out the Clever Communicator which keeps consultants abreast of new happenings within the company, recognizes consultants for their achievements, and offers tips for our products and getting our customers organized. We have a Ning network where our consultants can post questions, share ideas, and make social connections.
Q: Am I responsible for providing hostess rewards and booking coupons?
No. Clever Container pays for 100% of the Hostess Rewards. You keep 100% of what you earn!
Q: What about processing credit cards? Who pays for that?
Clever Container pays for all credit card processing!
Q: What is the cost of supplies (i.e., catalogs)?
100 catalogs for $48, 50 order forms for $8, combo pack of 50 catalogs + 50 order forms for $37. We also have Clever Container hostess coaching flyers, consultant opportunity brochures, business cards, car window clings, note pads, postcard invitations, magnetic clips, measuring tapes, and more!
Q: Are there opportunities to earn free vacations?
Yes! Clever Container has an annual cruise, along with consultant incentives to earn your way onto the cruise!